Johnny Manic Is on Sale

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To Hell with Johnny Manic is on sale this week on and Johnny Manic combines the old-school crime fiction of Raymond Chandler and Jim Thompson with the multi-layered deceptions of Gone Girl. “A truly riveting tale of deception, murder and psychological suspense. One of the year’s best thrillers.” - “A feverishly readable psychological noir.” - Kirkus Reviews You can get a copy for 99 cents, Oct. 14-20, 2019, through the button below.

A New Cover for Johnny Manic

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Johnny Manic came out on August first. After re-examining the cover, Lindsay and I decided we didn’t like it. Lindsay came up with something much simpler and more striking. The new cover should show up on Amazon in a few days, and we’ll get to work on the print cover soon. An audiobook is in the works as well, thanks to the folks at ListenUp Audio . We’re hoping to have that available through Audible, Apple, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and a number of other retailers some time in September.

Early Praise for Johnny Manic

Tags:  johnny manic The first advance copies of Johnny Manic went out two months ago, and I’m starting to get some good feedback. calls it one of the year’s best thrillers. “A truly riveting tale of deception, murder and psychological suspense. Part psychological thriller, part noir, Diamond has accomplished the incredibly difficult task of deriving true suspense from the battle for supremacy going on within [the narrator’s] own mind. The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers.

Johnny Manic Cover Poll

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Option one, the original cover: Option two: Thanks to all who voted. This poll is closed. The winner was the second cover (the one with the road). After a few design iterations, we came up with the final cover, which appears below. Credits: Road photo by David Everett Strickler via Woman and eyes by RetroAtelier via Getty Images.

To Hell with Johnny Manic is Now Available on NetGalley

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My next book, To Hell with Johnny Manic, is now available for review on NetGalley . Johnny Manic is a psychological suspense/thriller in the classic noir tradition. The cast of characters includes a very intelligent but slightly deranged and impulsive protagonist who’s doing his best to keep it together, a beautiful woman who pushes all his buttons, and a sharp, cynical detective in the mold of Philip Marlowe. If you liked Body Heat , The Last Seduction , Double Indemnity , Wild Things , or anything by Patricia Highsmith , you’ll like this one.

First Cover for Johnny Manic

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Thanks to my artist/designer wife for this lovely cover. We hope to have this one out in 2019. What is your first impression of the cover? What do you think the book will be about? Leave comments below. Note: Comments closed
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