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The Reisman Case by Andrew Diamond

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A wealthy business owner asks investigator Claire Chastain to solve a simple case. Is his employee stealing or not? From the moment she’s hired, subtle clues tell her something’s wrong: the unbusinesslike business owner, the lingering scent of a woman on the stairs, the rustle in the curtains where someone watches from above.

Claire’s gut tells her the case isn’t about theft. Her investigation turns up a pathologically anxious suspect, a deeply dysfunctional family, and a murder that she herself appears to have committed.

“If I had known what this case would turn into,” she reflects, “I never would have accepted it. No one walks into a burning house.”

But she’s in it, and she has to find her way out…

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“As we saw in Diamond’s The Friday Cage, Chastain is hardly a typical PI. She’s clever and analytical, and yet she is quick-tempered, even volatile… and Diamond has equipped her with a case that deserves a spot at the top of your queue. A truly original detective thriller that delivers a relentless cadence of mind-blowing revelations. Highly recommended.” -

“A gripping murder mystery… Claire, is a forceful and tenacious character. Even though the exterior of her personality is rough, she is genuine and relatable. The storyline moves at a steady pace, with the suspense and intensity growing with every page.” – Susan Sewell, Readers' Favorite (5 stars)

“Diamond, who writes well-acclaimed crime, mystery, and noir fiction, is here exploring for the second time the mind and motivations of Claire Chastain, a daring, highly intelligent female who has her own secrets to repress… The twisted tale causes her to cross paths with some dark characters and dodge life-threatening peril, while maintaining a certain enviable inner strength and outer cool. The Reisman Case proves again that author Diamond has a mind for the malevolent scheming and shadowy settings that are the stuff of noir fiction, with a strong female lead to weave the crisscrossing plot threads into a rich, ever-shifting panorama.” - The Feathered Quill

“Readers of P.I. thrillers are in for a treat with The Reisman Case because its progression and intrigue offer many surprising twists…[Claire] must call upon all her resources and savvy to solve an increasingly puzzling case. The result is a memorable mystery that will especially delight fans of Claire’s prior case, but which needs no prior introduction to appeal to newcomers.” – Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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