4 thoughts on “First Cover for Johnny Manic

  1. Intriguing. She’s not to be trusted! Very “Robert Palmer background dancer.” I missed the cars in the eyes the first time I looked at it though.

  2. I’m just finishing “76” and I wish I had not read here that the pix used is of your lovely wife because that is an influence on you you probably don’t need. That aside, the 1st cover attempt is of quality noir impact, in my opinion. I know what to expect, and I look forward to reading what’s under that cover. But I’m thinking that it might be just a tad too much “in your face” impact. I really hate to say that but (given the model’s healthy, healthy face) you can see blood vessels in the whites of the eyes and so … Maybe a little rose lens?–but, no, not that. I’m sure the novel is hardcore. Something though. I have a similar cover for a thriller with noir qualities that got pretty good reviews and sold fairly well for a writer who hardly publicizes his work (me). Please look at the cover on account it is a well-used theme for novel covers, as you well know. The Courage to Kill ASIN: B00A0S4UJO.
    You are one hell of a great writer, with substance, character, detail, incredible scenes readers don’t find on online books anymore, at least not for cheap. Huge effort that I for one can and do appreciate. Great work, man, and I look forward to reading all your stuff. Thanks for the entertainment and education. Ron

    1. Thanks, Ron. Actually, my wife was the designer, not the model. We still have a few months before publication, so we’ll probably fiddle with the cover before it’s released. I’ll take a look at The Courage to Kill once I work through my reading backlog.

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