Initial Cover for The Friday Cage

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My designer, the brilliant and stunning Lindsay Heider Diamond , has come up with yet another excellent cover for my next book. We hope to have this one out sometime this summer.

Initial cover design for The Friday Cage

My last book, Wake Up, Wanda Wiley , a satire on the romance and thriller genres, was a bit of a departure. The Friday Cage is a return to my usual mystery/thriller story. The plot runs along the lines of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, in which Cary Grant finds himself pursued by people he doesn’t know for reasons he doesn’t understand.

It doesn’t matter that he’s innocent. He has to figure out what’s going on and how to get out of it, or he’s dead, and he has to do all his figuring while he’s on the run. Nothing reveals a person’s character more than how they act under pressure, and this kind of thriller can be very exciting if you have the right lead.

Speaking of which, the lead in this one is a woman who’s exceptionally sharp, stubborn, and combative. The kind who, as a matter of principle, just won’t let things go. Not the kind of person you want to pick a fight with, but—oops! Her persuers didn’t know any more about her than she did about them when they decided to go after her. Now they have their hands full, and by the time the dust settles, more than one of them will wish they’d never met her.

Please drop us a note through the contact form and let us know what you think of the cover and the concept. I’ll post more as we get closer to launch.