Impala Sample Covers

After some feedback from Ingrid Emerick at Girl Friday Productions , I rewote the opening chapters of Impala. The book is ready for editing, and my wife, Lindsay put together some sample covers.

This is an old-fashioned thriller/suspense that starts out a little like Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, with a guy who’s not quite sure who is after him or why. I spent a couple of days writing and polishing a query letter for an agent, and that came out well enough to earn me an immediate rejection. I may put this up on Inkshares , which is like Kickstarter for books, but I’m not sure yet whether that will be a good fit. They seem to lean pretty heavily toward Sci-Fi and Fantasy, which this is definitely not.

Here are some elements of the story, which appear to some extent in each of the covers:

  • The main character is a little lost and lonely in the beginning.
  • He’s a hacker.
  • He discovers, to his surprise and bewilderment, that he is a target of both criminals and law enforcement.
  • He has to go on the run.
  • The Chevy Impala contains the clues that set the action in motion.
  • The book takes place in Virginia, San Francisco, and Costa Rica.
  • The woman holds the key to the mystery, and no one even knows they’re looking for her.

Here are some of Lindsay’s sample covers. I like the first one. It gives you a good sense of what you’re getting into.

Impala cover: red, black and white

The cover below is also pretty good. Can you tell the nose is a computer mouse?

Impala blue cover

Here is an older design that includes a Chevy Impala, and some ones and zeros to highlight the digital element of the story.

Impala cover with yellow car

And finally, an earlier revision of the first cover above. This one includes a running man.

Impala cover with running man