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Ben Fox from recently asked me to write about five of my favorite books in any genre. You can check out my list of the best books from the golden age of American crime and noir and perhaps discover something new.

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Hundreds of authors have contributed similar lists to Shepherd, which has become a discovery engine for excellent works that may have flown under the radar. When I shared my list with a fellow author, he said with surprise that he had never heard of any of the titles on my list. Now several of them are on his to-read list.

I’ve had the same experience. Browsing through random lists from other authors, I’ve discovered a handful of new titles that neither Amazon nor Goodreads nor LibraryThing would have brought to my attention.

The bottom of each Shepherd page includes a number of random book lists such as The best books about deaf culture , The most readable books on World War I , and The best books on philosophy . Wandering through these random lists is like browsing the bookstore shelves with an enthusiastic book lover.

Check out the site if you’re looking for something to read. Or even if you’re not. The reviews themselves are interesting enough to keep you engaged, and the diversity of titles and tastes will open your eyes to what’s out there.