Impala Summary Poll Results

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Last week, I asked readers to vote on a blurb for my next book, Impala.

Two thirds of the respondents favored the “Summary” blurb, which described the main character and his predicament in straight expository prose. One third preferred the “Flavor” blurb that gave a good sense of the books' style and tone, and encouraged the reader to piece together what the book was about.

The readers who preferred the Summary blurb said they liked knowing what the book was about, and they’d be likely to buy it because it gave them a good sense of what the book was about, and that’s what they want to know before they read. The readers who preferred Flavor option were much more passionate in their support because the blurb made them think and gave them a sense of what reading the book would be like.

Sooo… following my cousin Eve’s advice, I wrote a new blurb that gives a bit of summary information along with some flavor. You’ll find it on the Impala page.