Kill Romeo is Now Available

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Kill Romeo is now available on “What begins as a puzzling murder,” writes Diane Donovan of the Midwest Book Review, “turns into something unexpectedly even more complex on many levels… The story provides a riveting blend of personal and investigative conundrums that keep Freddy and his readers on their toes.”

Kill Romeo by Andrew Diamond

The book has picked up good advance reviews on NetGalley :

“This was a really enjoyable read that was fast paced, well written and had a cast of well developed characters that I liked. IT was a gripping read that was twisty and unpredictable.” - Aria H / Reviewer

“Remarkably well written with plot twists that will make the reader keep guessing. It is also written with wit and humor and Freddie is smart and a genuine thinker.” - Joyce C. / NetGalley

“An excellent read and a top-notch thriller. Freddy Ferguson is a man of many layers… We meet some fascinating characters in Mr. Diamond’s work, from local law enforcement to top level federal agents, from a nosey local inhabitant to a crime lord who kills at the drop of a hat. Each and every one of those characters is wonderfully drawn and believable. Kill Romeo is a story that wanders, from mystery to emotion, from location to location, from the real world to the world inside Freddy’s head. This is just one element of the story that makes is so interesting. I definitely want more of Freddy.” - Anne W / NetGalley

“The mystery is far more devious than just this woman’s death. I loved every thing about this book, the characters, the mystery, the clever way the plot unfolded to draw me in until the very end. Andrew Diamond is an excellent author with a great imagination and he makes his characters come alive…” - Kay B. / NetGalley